Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So, as my good friend Tara would say... "You're such a slacker."

I have really been slacking on my blogging.  I really just don't have time!  My days are filled with dressing kids, putting away clothes, laundry, changing hundreds of diapers (or so it feels), shuttling kids to doctor appointments, dentist appointments, eye appointments, therapy, visitation, government programs, dance class, Starbucks (cause Quinn needs her daily "caffeine" IE chocolate milk), grocery shopping and a million other things.  Wait, I just summed up my last month.  I do love what we are doing!  I really do.  I get stressed when you add into what I just mentioned...PHOTOGRAPHY!  (Which I also still love).  This is the busiest time of year for my business and we are officially BOOKED until January!  I cannot believe it!  Business is rockin'!  Dru and I are working hard on making it rock even more so that also takes up time!  

Well, I have a ton of super cute photographs to post. We went to the apple orchard last week and I took Asa's 6 month photos and Adam's one year photos.  Oh yes, that brings me to...birthday!  On Friday we celebrated Adam's one year birthday and last Monday we celebrated Dru's 31st birthday! We had a joint birthday party on Friday at our house.  It was so much fun getting to hang out with friends at our house with food and fire. 
Quinn will be going horse riding soon so we will pictures of that. :)  Today we are skipping ballet and I am taking her to her first MOVIE at the movie theater.  Then we are going to a mom and children cafe.  We are going to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua.  I cannot believe I am taking her to see that but I read the Plugged In review and it said it was good sooo....
She will be bringing her little stuffed chihuahua dog and wear her dog leggings.  :)  We are going with her friend Mya! 


{A. Bryan Photography} said...

did you take pictures of her going to the movie??!! oh that would be so cute.

Dru, Asher, Quinn, & Asa said...

totally did! i'll post later

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