Monday, June 30, 2008

leaving soon.

I have been so bad at blogging these past few days!  I cannot find my camera with all of the pictures I want to post so I have been putting it off.  The past 48 hours have been quite busy and dramatic!  On Saturday we had another yard sale because we had so much stuff left!  We had it at the same friend's house and we invited 6 other families to join in so it was HUGE!  We still took a lot to Goodwill at the end.  We did that from 5AM-2PM and then we came home because Dru said he had a surprise for me for my birthday.  A woman named Harmony came to the house who is a massuse and gave me the BEST massage I have ever had in my entire life!!!!!!!  After that I cleaned for the party that night that we were having at our house for my birthday.  So, people came over-20 I'm guessing, and we has s'mores and cake and hung out.  Dru had his friend shave his head and give him a mohawk.  (Oh brother!)  The last people left at 1:45AM and we didnt get to bed til 2:30 cause we had to get everything ready for our early morning trip to Boone.  

The alarm went off at 7AM on my birthday yesterday (oh, and I got up with Asa 3 times before the alarm went off) and we drove to Boone to do my sister in law's maternity pictures.  We stayed there till 4:30PM then drove home so I could go out to dinner with my girl friends here for my birthday.  We ate at an amazing Cuban place and then went to Starbucks for dessert and I got home at 11:00PM.  I forgot to mention that in the sleepy state Dru and I were in, we forgot the diaper bag in Boone and then later after girls night I forgot my phone at Starbucks.

So, this morning I am packing, doing laundry and getting everything ready for my 3 week trip I am going on with my dad, sister and the kids.  We are going miss Dru!!!!!!  (He said he might blog while I am  My dad gets here tonight and then we leave early tomorrow AM to get my sister in Indiana and then we head to Gowrie, Iowa for a Telleen family reunion.  I am so excited!!!  (Not looking forward to the 18 hour drive but thankful we are not flying!)

OK, so, enough of a break for now...I need to get back to work.  

Check back later because when I find my camera I am going to post pictures from this past week!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

its a good day.

This morning we all got up and started working on our "When the Going Gets Tough" statement for foster care.  Jessica said to be creative and put together a list of Scripture, or a poem or some sort of letter or artwork that we can look to when times get tough during foster care to remember why we are doing it and to give us a little motivation!  I am so excited to unveil what we are doing...but not yet!  It is not done.  
Jessica will be here any minute (our trainer) to go over the last 3 books and homework for foster care.  We have zoomed through them.  It has taken many hours after the kids are in bed sitting down in the office just reading, writing and talking!  Well better go finish getting ready...

Monday, June 23, 2008

rain rain go away.

Today is supposed to be Quinn's second swim lesson!  But...its raining!  Our first class got rained out and now I think the third class is going to get rained out.  Bummer.  She will be so sad when she wakes up from her nap and I tell her we are not going to swim lessons like she thought.  :(  

Today is her cousin Ingrams's birthday!  We would post a video of Quinn singing to him but first, I bet all of the readers are getting tired of seeing her sing Happy Birthday (she does know other songs) and second, they don't read the blog so he would never see it.  I know, I'm lame- videos are limited to only readers of the Collie blog.  

The fire inspector came today and I thought I had it nailed!  (This is for our foster care certification)  Our trainer from Grandfather Home gave us a check list so we would know what they were going to look for
*fire extinguisher-CHECK
*smoke alarms outside of every bedroom- CHECK
*emergency numbers posted where everyone can see- CHECK
*fire escape plan posted where everyone can see (tacky looking but..) CHECK
and so on...
Well, they did not give us the updated list so we didn't have ENOUGH fire extinguishers and we don't have a cord off to Lowes today and Target maybe later if the rain does not clear up.  Frustrating!

I will post (when I have time to take them) pictures of the 4 rooms I have completely rearranged.  Until then, I am going to go take advantage of nap time and get some work done.  

Friday, June 20, 2008

3 months old.

Quinn 12 weeks old
Quinn (Above)
Asa 12 weeks old (Above)

Time to remember...we moved to Asheville when Quinn was 11 weeks old. I took a couple pictures of her when she was 12 weeks old, the same age Asa is right now. I can't believe we have lived here for 2 and a half years. When we moved to Asheville it was an amazing feeling (besides missing our friends) and I can honestly say that I can still feel the "magic and romance" of Asheville! We love it here. We love the beauty and everything there is to do and the people! I love having healthy and fresh food at our finger tips, I love how close everything is, I love when I leave the mall there is a beautiful view of the mountains and if I've been there long enough even a sunset. Not to mention for the first time in mine and Dru's life we live close enough to family to spend birthdays, fathers day and mothers day and any little event we feel like getting together for.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

quinn's neck.

  On Tuesday we went to the ear, nose and throat doctor per request of her regular doctor because when Asa was born I noticed a lump on her neck when she was looking up one time.  It freaked me out and I worried about it being cancer (I have learned from my therapist friend I am a"fear based" person.) so when we went to a doctor appointment for Asa I asked the doctor what he thought.  He said if it got bigger then he would schedule an appointment with a speciality doctor-well, it did.  So, we went to this visit some 3 months later very anxious to hear the results.  The doc. said he thinks it is a thyrodial (sp) cyst that formed when she was 2 weeks in the womb.  Everyones thyroid starts high up in their neck and then moves down and something happened to hers when it moved down.  Doctors see this pretty often and she will only need surgery if it keeps getting bigger.  In that case they would have to take out part of her throat bone too.  :(  The doc said he didn't think it was cancer because it was too soft.  Whew...what a relief!  

  Quinn did so good doing everything the doctor asked with sticking her tongue in and out and swallowing.  All for a mermaid the end of the visit she ended up milking the doc for 3 stickers when his intention was to only give her one!  She is Dru's daughter!  :)  He was making animal noises when he was looking in her ears (very real ones) and she was looking at him like he was crazy.

drums with daddy.

I shot this video this morning.  Dru was just singing and play guitar and Quinn was playing cute.

girls night.

Quinn loves water!
Just a cool chalk drawing someone drew that Quinn was standing near.  I have such an amazing lens on my camera it looks like it was light outside but little do you know it was very dark :).
I think Quinn looks like part of the child Mafia or something.  Haha!  That is my friend Tara standing in the background.  (Again, very dark)
Games after dark when the crowds went home at UNCA

(I am all to often a jungle gym for Quinn while I am taking pictures, ever since she was about 8 months old)

On Monday I took the kids with me to girls night because Dru was working and it actually turned out to be really fun having them come along. :) We went to a concert on the quad at UNCA~it was Latin night! Quinn had a blast dancing. We all brought picnics and then after everyone started to leave we just ran around in the dark taking pictures with available light.

PS- I will have to upload more pics later cause they will not cooperate now.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

happy fathers day.

Quinn loves her crazy daddy!!!

Asa too...

Happy Fathers Day to three of the best dads I know, Brad (my dad), Dale (Dru's dad) and of corse DRU!  All three of you have done and are doing such a wonderful job at raising children! I want to go on but Asa is crying so I need to get this post done quickly.  Here are some picures from today.  We went to the Lucky Otter for dinner today and I have to tell you I had the weirdest experience of my life!  We sat near some people on the porch who had one of those old VW camper vans; the coolest things I think but totally hippie.  We used to have one growing up.  Well, this thing was so dirty inside and the parents (I guess thats who they were) were just letting the 2 and 4 year old run around in the parking lot around the van and dance ON TOP of the van. Thats right~ON TOP!  I could go on, but like I said, I need to go.  So unfortunately I don't have pictures from that bazar experience.
Asa is so happy these days!  Here is just a bit of the fun playing we do during the day.  

Saturday, June 14, 2008

fun with mary grace.

Yesterday was a fun day.  I took the kids to Fun Depot which is this place that has a huge indoor soft play area that is awesome for hot days like yesterday.  We met Quinn's favorite little friend here in Asheville, Mary Grace (and her mom and brother who I adore) at Fun Depot.  It is so funny how much they love each other and how well they get along!  Mary Grace is a year and a half older than Quinn, so she is 4 but they really have a good time with one another.  **Not to mention, Mary Grace is a foot and a half taller than Quinn.  After the FD we went to their house for a picnic lunch and the girls had a blast playing (more than eating) and they even included Luke (Mary Grace's brother who just turned 2) in the play most of the time.  I honestly can't remember what else we did after that...this sleep deprivation thing sucks!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Just an update...
We went to the park today with some friends.  Tomorrow I am taking the kids to this place called the Fun Depot.  The kids hung out with Gloria (GG) for a couple hours while I worked and then I went and got them.  Because Quinn missed her nap she was a little pill the rest of the evening but she is in bed now and Asa has been sleeping since 4!!  Do I wake him or let him sleep???  Hummm.  I am so tired so I am tempted to go lay down and rest till he wakes.  Rest..ha!  Its 8 PM...isn't that called going to bed early?  I AM SO TIRED!  Dru comes home at 11PM and "So You Think You Can Dance" comes on in an hour so I may stay awake  :).  We didn't have TV for about 2 months and so it feels weird to watch TV.  It kind of annoys me but I do it anyway.  We only got it back cause it makes out internet bill cheaper!  How stupid!  
I had a pretty stressful day~or week I should say, but especially day.  I had to argue with some people on the phone that I lease my credit card machine from for the business.  Credit cards are so stupid...even if you are the one taking them!!!  OK, I've decided...bed it is.  Can you tell I'm TIRED????

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

happy birthday aunt elaine and aunt ellen.

June is the month for birthdays in this family.  Well, along with May and now March and October.  :)  Sorry this is late Aunt Ellen and happy birthday today Aunt Elaine. Here is a little 
birthday wish from Quinn.  We love you guys!

Monday, June 9, 2008

dang air conditioner.

So, the results are in!  Our air compressor is dead.  The stupid, I mean unequipped people who put the air conditioner in this new house 3 years ago hooked it up wrong among other problems so it will cost over a grand to get it fixed.  Isn't that great!!??  So, we are off to get window units for now cause it is so stinkin' hot!  Quinn took a nap in a room today that was 87 degrees with the fan blowing on it.  Uuhhh...

Well, onto cooler thoughts, we are off to Quinn's first swim lesson here in a minute.  Uh-the thought of getting in a bathing suit makes me cringe...its only been 11 weeks since my stomach was 11 feet past my toes.

my kids are cute.

On Saturday we went to the rehearsal for Nate and Hannah's wedding. Because the wedding was at an estate the family had horses, chickens, goats, collie dogs, cats, huge goldfish...and I think that is it.  Quinn loved all of the animals!
In this picture above don't they look alike ~ look at thier mouths!  :)

Quinn looking at the goldfish in the pond. See that collie way off the distance...Quinn thought it was so cool to see a REAL collie dog!  
I never knew how huge they are and how thick their fur is.  If I ever have a farm I am going to get a collie dog.
This child has no fear! She kept walking towards the goat and he looked like he was a little scared.  I finally had to tell her to "STOP"!

huff wedding.

Once again, here are some pictures all out of order.  I cannot figure out how to get more than 6 pictures in order. Until I do, please have patience. :)  Here are some pictures from the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to besides my sisters of course ~ yes, even more beautiful than my own.  I am not just talking about the view and decorations either.  This weddings ceremony was so touching, just the perfect length of time to sit in scorching 95 degree weather and it brought me to tears several times (or wait, was that sweat running down my face, no-pretty sure those were tears of joy)  

Quinn and Liam held hands as they walked up the path to the ceremony site.

Look at that view!!!  
Even though I just had my frustrating point-and-shoot camera I had to take this beautiful image I saw.  
Look at Nate! I wish this was zoomed in.  He had the best face I have ever seen on a man who sees their bride walking down the isle. He had the largest smile and he would just look at her and then look down and then look at her and then look down!
Quinn did so good but notice, no flowers on the ground.  Oh well.
This was the classic face I got from her when the butterfly "liked" her.
By the end of the wedding all of the babies were in only their diapers it was so hot!
Quinn with her friends Piper and Avenue playing on the dance floor
AWWW, yeah ~ they are FINALLY married.

OK, this picture above does not even capture what it conveyed in real life! They had just taken communion together and they were singing "Come Thou Fount" together holding hands but with their eyes closed singing to the only audience who really matters~but together because they are now ONE. Simply perfect.

I hope this was not a "bad mom" thing to do but while Hannah was having her dance with her dad(s) Quinn also took the dance floor.  She was so pretty I could not tell her to get off.  Besides, I know Hannah didn't care.  


its party time.

Melissa did a good job at planning Hannah's bachelorette was so much fun! I uploaded these pictures backwards...woops.  I'll explain.

At the very end of the night we went back to our house and did facials and was really funny because Hannah's and my face turned bright red when we used the cleanser and it was a good laugh had by all.  :)  We wondered if Hannah's would go away before the wedding but it only took about a half hour.  Oh and someone forgot their do you forget your shoes?  Don't you notice you are walking out of the house with no shoes?  If its you-please tell me so I can give them back.  They are cute but not my size :) bummer.  I am having a yard sale next week soooo you'd better hurry and let me know.  :)
For dessert we went to this fabulous place called the Chocolate Lounge.  They have everything chocolate you can image!  Oh and they have the cutest little personal coffee presses.  Very, very yummy!

This happened to be the beginning of the night, a great dinner at Rezzaz.  (sp) This is the place Dru and I went for our anniversary but the other side.  They have an expensive and not so expensive side.  This was the less expensive side but the food was just as amazing.  So~ that was the party backwards.  Tons of fun.

montreat park.

Man do I have a LOT of catching up to do.  We have been SO busy!  I will start with last Friday ~ it was a crazy busy day filled with lots of stress, heat and fun.  I took Quinn and Asa to a beautiful park in Montreat which is near Asheville.  They have tons of cool play equipment, picnic tables and best of all, a stream that is beautiful and fun to play in.  It was about 90 degrees outside so the stream felt cold at first and then wonderful!  We met Dru's parents and grandma at the park as they were on their way back to Boone and we all had a picnic together.  Then Asa, Quinn and I stayed for 3 more hours and played in the water with some other friends from our church.  

Char, Dale and the babes after a yummy lunch...
Char put Asa to sleep and then set him in his stroller, how sweet is he!?
Mrs. Sue, the childrens director at our church let Asa play in the water while I kept an eye on Quinn.  Because the water was so cold at first he did not like it and then once he got used to it he just kicked and kicked!
Woops, this picture came in sideways, get the idea. Cute little girl in a bathing suite with her bucket.  :)

We didn't get home until 4:30 so I had to clean the house really quick for the bachelorette party that would take place later that night!  Woohoo!

Friday, June 6, 2008

organized chaos.

 We have been living in organized chaos for what seems like weeks upon weeks but I think in reality it has only been a couple days.  I have been trying to move the office on the third floor to the first floor all with no air conditioning!  Quinn could not even nap yesterday because it was almost a hundred degrees with the fan blowing on the thermostat!  I called the air guys today and they will be here on Monday.  I think we will spend as much time away from the house as we can...oh wait, I'm organizing chaos so I can't.  I am fasting from perfection.  I think this is going to be the hardest thing I have ever done.  That's ridiculous.  I am going to post pictures of my rooms that I have finished by tonight but they won't be completely done because I am fasting from perfection....ahhhh! so hard!

I am having about 15 girls over tonight for the last half of my friend Hannah's bachelorette party.  I better get going so I can finish for that.  I am taking Quinn to the park today...we are going to meet CC, Granddad and Ma G there for a picnic and some playing.  Then, we will come back home for naps and get ready for Aunt Netta to come watch the kiddos!  Quinn is excited about that.  Dru is going to Nate's bachelor party so we needed a sitter-thank you Netta!!!!  

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

boy bedding can be cute.

Asa does not have a room right now because our house is on the market and we thought it was going to sell really fast...that was last October. So, this last Saturday I went to Porter and Price and bought my favorite boy bedding I have ever seen.  I have wanted it before I was even pregnant.  I have one picture I took a long time ago when it was in the store~ well, last year.  So above is a picture of the skirt, sheet and bumper and there is a receiving blanket with argyle and stripes.  Now I am moving Quinn and Asa into where the office is and turning Quinn's old room into the foster care room and the studio into the family room.  This is why I have been slacking on the blog posts.  It is a LOT of work to move three rooms around and keep them all organized for my sanity.  Oh, and for those of you who wonder where the studio will  Dru is creating a boutique for me this week on there.  Tomorrow is my last order session down there.  How sad.  At least Asa has cute bedding.  Just kidding~

best of WNC again.

Dru told me last night that Eden Photography has won Best Children's Photographer of Western North Carolina!  Yeah!  We are so excited.  This is the second year in a row.  You can check out my Eden blog to see the recent wedding that dad and I shot together.  :)  Just click HERE.  

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