Tuesday, April 29, 2008

birthday party.

Today was Quinn's last Kindermusik class. We went to that and then came home and the kids took naps. An hour and a half of nap time required me to sit outside Quinn's door telling her to get back in bed every time she opened the door! She just started this not cool trend and I am bound to stop it! 

Oh, they finally started building the third house in our little neighborhood. I'm wondering what in the world the builder is thinking since we can't even sell this house. It will be interesting to see if he can sell that one.

After naps Asa, Quinn and I drove to Hindersonville for my nephew, Isaac's birthday party. It was supposed to be a skating party but there was so much to do the party was over before skating even began.  She had fun following around her "friend Isaac".  Half the time he didn't even know she was tagging behind him just watching what he was doing.  At one point I somehow found myself in charge of the blow up jumping thing.  :)  I've attached a video of Quinn trying so hard to stand up in it.  (She eventually figured it out)

For three days in a row now, when Dru gets home from work Asa stares so intently at him and just smiles and coos. I have tried every day to get it on camera but by the time I go get the camera and come back he is done. Tomorrow I will try to remember to have it ready when Dru gets home-like I have nothing else to do. :) We did catch the end of this little game he plays today on video...I will attach it to this blog.
Oh, the night is young and I feel so old cause I'm so stinkin' TIRED!

Monday, April 28, 2008

sleepless nights.

This is the picture of tired me after a sleepless night last night. Thanks Asa, you rock! ;) Dru made me some coffee drink this AM and I am still shaking from the caffeine-but I'm awake!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

time to get quinn.

Some of you might be wondering why Asa is the only one on this blog. Well, Quinn has been in Boone, NC with her CC and Grandad and Ma G. She 
spent a week and a half up there and loved every second of it. We met Drew's parents and grandma as well as Netta and Page (Drews oldest brother) with their kids in Linville, NC. It is Isaac's 6th birthday this year and so we thought we would celebrate with a picnic, cake and presents! 
Drew and I were SO excited to go get Quinn because we missed her a lot while she was gone! We had our KFC and homemade beans and potato salad Char and Ma brought for the picnic. The kids played on the rocks and by the river and then Drew and I took Quinn into the caves. She had a great time "underground". Quinn did take 2 pictures of mommy and daddy you will see above...guess which two. :) She has a very abstract eye. Either that, or she needs more practice holding the camera.
After we got home we gave Quinn a bath. She wanted Asa to get in with her so we let him. It was really cute-she said, "You want to play with my toys?..."
(There are a ton of pictures from this day as well as video-there was just so much cuteness to capture!)

Friday, April 25, 2008

the business of being born.

I want to see this movie so bad!! I have researched so much about the business of being born (not the movie) and it is really fascinating!

CLICK HERE: The Business of Being Born

Thursday, April 24, 2008


With 50% of the profits from sales of "RED" items going to the Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS in Africa, I love what these clothes stand for.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

happy hips.

Today Drew and I took Asa to the ultrasound place to have his hips x-rayed. I don't really know why besides that they "clicked" when the Doctor moved them a certain way. Asa was so good and just lay on the table for a half hour sucking on his pacifier. The technician said he won the best baby of the day award. The doctor told us he was fine before we left...du! His "clicking" is just the rhythm in him that is innate when you are Drew Collie's child. :)
Asa and I came home and I did some Eden work and did a bunch of really not fun organizing (and I love to organize). Asa was REALLY good for me and slept while I worked. I hope we can keep that up but I'm not going to hold my breath.

This evening I took Asa over to his new friend Maggie's house. She was born 3 weeks after him and is sooo cute! I went with 3 of our other friends and brought dinner to Maggie's mom...and then we ate with her. Asa cried almost the whole time and I finally got him to sleep a few minutes before it was time to go. Then he cried the whole way home. Not sure what up with him this evening... :(

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

asa crewe collie.

Asa is a month old and almost 12 pounds!  He was born on March 22.  Asher and I are not getting much sleep, but we are so happy that he finally arrived! ~Dru
After being obscenely pregnant I am SO glad Asa is here for a number of reasons!  I often heard, "Are you having twins?!" Even little children would stare at me.  :)  Now I'm happily back to "normal" (but not in my normal jeans).  Asa's birth was such an empowering and amazing experience!  I am so happy I chose to have him without any medications as it allowed myself as well as those in the room during his birth to experience the amazing wonder God has made of a womans body.  I had the most AMAZING midwife, Rahni who delivered Asa and we are now friends outside of "baby world".  

It is Dru's and my prayer for Asa's life that he would be "...fully committed to the LORD all his life." ~1 Kings 15:14  
This is one major reason why we chose his name.  (Read the verse)
Well, life is trying to figure out what is "normal" now.  I have been blessed to have my amazing mom come for 2 weeks to help me adjust and now my also amazing in-laws are keeping Quinn for a week while we adjust to just Asa and bond with him.  I would like to say 2 is a piece of cake but to be honest my mind is spinning when it is just Asa, Quinn and myself at home.  My ADD really kicks in and I have trouble figuring out where my attention should be.  :)  I have to and WILL figure everything out and become a pro at this because we want at least 4 kids soooo, it might be a good idea to figure out how to handle 2 first!  YA THINK!?!?  ~Asher <>

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