Thursday, January 29, 2009

ice skating.

This past weekend I took Quinn, Alicia, Adam and Asa ice skating.  Asa and Adam sat in the stroller or were held by one of my friends who did not skate so they are not in any of the pictures.  I have some of Alicia and I but they are on the other computer.  Here are some from my friends camera.  ENJOY!!

Quinn thought it was really fun to have Mel and I drag her.  :)  
PS-This is my friend who mom and dad bought land next to.
I am doing a toe stand.  :)  Not too graceful...its amazing I did not break my ankle.  
This is my favorite picture.  Quinns expression is priceless and I love that a friend took a picture of me taking a picture.  Holding Quinn is Mel's step sister...along with Mel.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

still alive and kickin'.

Let begin by cheering you up with a little photo from our 3rd annual Asheville "Ugly Sweater Party" (If you own one of these sweaters please do not be offended-everyone has their own opinion what what constitutes "ugly")

Dru was most stylish in his "ugly" poncho...most likely straight from Spain or maybe even Mexico.

Here is our car PACKED on our way to Boone for the Collie family Christmas.  And yes, that present DID fall on Adam's head when Dru flew over the four foot speed bump going 25 miles per hour!!!!  (By the way, Dru packed the car)
Char always sets the table so nice!
Cousins: Asa (9 months) and Sydney (5 months)
Collie Cousins plus one.  (Left to right) Adam, Ingram, Isaac, Sydney, Quinn and Asa
Quinn loved her presents and posed for this picture of her new furry vest from CC
The Collie clan...
I just thought this picture of Asa was cute in his hat from Uncle Steve an Aunt Mere!  And, below, friends Shannon, Josh and Avenue...oh, and Quinn with their "ugly" sweaters on.  PS- Quinn did not want to wear an ugly one but "only a pretty one" she said...she picked out her whole outfit!

I know it has been FOREVER and a day since I posted any photos or even just a description of what we have been up to.  Truth be told-most of what goes on around here we are not allowed to post online because of confidentiality laws with our foster kids.  Much of the same things are going on around here.  Kids are getting big so fast!  Asa is standing and starting to "cruse", Quinn is very much a little lady and mommy in training, Adam is walking and almost running around the house now.  (He was Asa's age when he came to us) and Alicia challenges me everyday in the patience category but she is also such a joy to have around.  

We had a good Christmas.  My parents and Allie and Adam (affectionately named "big Adam") came to our home with Adam's parents.  It was good times!  Then, this past week we went to Boone to celebrate with Dru's family.  

So above are some photos from the past week.  Our old camera went to camera heaven with a bunch of our old pictures on it so here are photos from our new point-and-shoot.  

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