Thursday, January 29, 2009

ice skating.

This past weekend I took Quinn, Alicia, Adam and Asa ice skating.  Asa and Adam sat in the stroller or were held by one of my friends who did not skate so they are not in any of the pictures.  I have some of Alicia and I but they are on the other computer.  Here are some from my friends camera.  ENJOY!!

Quinn thought it was really fun to have Mel and I drag her.  :)  
PS-This is my friend who mom and dad bought land next to.
I am doing a toe stand.  :)  Not too graceful...its amazing I did not break my ankle.  
This is my favorite picture.  Quinns expression is priceless and I love that a friend took a picture of me taking a picture.  Holding Quinn is Mel's step sister...along with Mel.


{A. Bryan Photography} said...

thats too funny! I think the last time I was ice skating was in OK with grandmas neighbors! man thats been awhile.

Dru, Asher, Quinn, & Asa said...

I know.. me too!

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