Saturday, August 23, 2008


Wow!  It has been a whirlwind!  This week has gone by so fast.  And, as usual, I have lots of pictures to post still and not enough time.  I will sum up what has been going briefly though.   We had a very fun visit with my parents this past week.  Mom and dad came up last Monday night.  We spent time looking at houses and land.  It was fun just spending time together.  We also did a lot of "home improvement" stuff around the house in the evenings and mornings.  Mom and dad are always so helpful when they are here!  This time mom painted Asa and Quinn's room (to cover up Dru's "mess") and she painted all of the base boards and trim in that room.  We did a new picture collage for over the couch in the living room inspired by the Domino magazine.  Dad put together Quinn's new trundle bed and worked on my car.  We also watched the Olympics.  :)  There was so much more but I cannot remember at this hour. 

So, the day mom and dad left...well more like a few hours after they left I got a call from our social worker saying we had an opportunity for a placement.  I got all nervous and anxious when I heard those words.  We asked for children under Quinn's age but she presented us the opportunity to foster a 14 year old girl and her 9 month old brother.  Oddly enough I had a peace about.  Dru did too so we said "yes".  I still feel like it was the right thing to do and I feel like this is the first placement we were meant to have.  Everything has worked out perfect.  Not that the situation is perfect but I can just tell God has his hand on this.  I am seeing more and more how this IS our MISSION FIELD, right here at home!  We get show these kids the love of Christ maybe for the first time in their lives. This experience has also made me realize (even though I read it in our training) that most of the children who end up in the care of social services have parents who really love them but have just made bad choices.  I got to go to DSS at 9:30PM last night and pick these beautiful children up and I was fortunate enough to meet their mom.  She did not like me at first, I could tell. I think she felt like I was the one taking her kids away.  I went to shake her hand and she started to cry and said, "I can't do this!" and then all of the feelings she felt almost transferred to me.  Not that I couldn't care for her children but I felt so sorry for her.  How hard must it be to give instructions to some stranger who will be taking care of your babies. Then, I started to cry.  You could see the look on her face slowly soften.  I felt in that moment the spiritual gift of mercy that I talked about in a later post really at work.  That was the Holy Spirit working in me.  Wow!
It is now past midnight and 24 hours since placement.  I feel so overwhelmed, blessed and tired.  Quinn and Asa are adjusting to new people in their territory.  The thing is, I don't want my kids to have territory. I want them to feel safe and at home-but I want them to also have a desire to open their hearts and home up to others.  (And toys!  Quinn is having a hard time sharing!)  So as I write this I think, man, I could have edited a whole 3 photos-seeing as I am behind on about 5 photo sessions now!  And, I'm also thinking that maybe I'm not supermom.  Dang it!! I hate it when I let myself down!!  :)  Oh, I'm also thinking about the two babies I will be alternately getting up with in the middle of the night tonight.  

Saturday, August 16, 2008

poor sammy.

Who wants this cuuute kitty??  He is good with kids... :)

reaping from ripe.

My all time favorite photographer and mentor, Heather Bookout and her husband, Ben Bookout are AMAZING.  Not just at photography, but as business owners and people.  I was reading their blog for photographers today and was like, "Amen!  Thank you Ben for putting all of this into words!"  Everything he was saying he was so true.  PS- this is his blog on August 11, 2008.  So, check it out for yourself if you want to know WHY DO I CHARGE SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

hair cut time.

Last night when we got home from Boone we shaved Dru's head.  He had a Mohawk that I tried to fix and did a very bad job at.  Quinn LOVES to cut daddy's hair!  I don't really like Dru's hair this short but it is kind of nice for him not to have to fix it in the morning.  He will be growing his hair back out so don't you worry (for those of you that liked it longer).  Here are some funny clips (no pun intended) of Quinn cutting daddy's hair!


Dru took 3 more days of  vacation this week and we went to Boone, NC.  We stayed with his parents on the mountain top.  It felt like fall up there-not summer.  It was very weird to go from hot to very cool in just a couple of hours.  We spent this first day doing a photo session for our new niece.  It was so fun to get to see her.  She is only two weeks old and her name is Sydney.  The second day we went to Tweetsie Railroad.  It is a train/western themed amusement park.  I have lots of pictures to post from that (when I find time).  Quinn loved the rides and the train.  

So, as I am finding out is usual, I got home from "vacation" and just about had another panic attack.  This is new.  Humm, wonder why.  Dru says I have house-arexia.  I laughed when he told me that.  He said even when the house is clean I think its dirty.  Like I see the house through warped eyes.  

 I got Quinn a pink dance leotard at the Wee-Trade sale last week but I didn't show it to her when I got home cause I knew she would want to wear it right away and I wanted to wash it first.  I actually forgot about it and she was just going through the clean clothes basket and pulled it out.  She is now wearing it and dancing in the living room.  She is very good for a 2 year old.  We saw cloggers at Tweetsie and she came up to me a minute ago telling me she needs "those special shoes, the kind that tap"!  I told her I have tap shoes (mistake to tell her) and so she keeps asking me to get them out.  On that note-I better go get my tap shoes out.  She will be disappointed when she realizes her foot will not fit her.  :(

Friday, August 15, 2008

voice guy.

Okay, I thought this was really funny and bazaar! I got this email and didn't think much of it, but then I went to the man's (who wrote this) website and I got a good laugh as to who was writing me this review. Keep in mind-he is writing about my photography web site. :)

Howdy Asher!

I, believe it or not, found your profile and your website (link) on a website
I found ... while searching for rebounders of all things. There, on a loooong
webpage along with your pic and profile is a rebounder (mini exercise
trampoline) somewhere. Here was the site on which I found your info:

Your work is outstanding, as well as the fact that your website is ... well,
to belabor the word possibly ... outstanding as well.

The song which plays? Doesn't suck either :-) You are certainly an artist!!

Feel free to visit my site to learn who is writing this letter.


Ari Ross
(323) 822-2788
(If the above link
doesn't work, feel free to
type in or copy and paste
into your browser).

Saturday, August 9, 2008


I am a part of a women's retreat next month and we had to take four tests to show our Spiritual gifts, personality type, learning style and love language. Very interesting stuff I have found out about myself. My top three spiritual gifts are faith, mercy and discernment. I am introverted, intuitive and think and feel in equal amounts. My learning style is kenesthetic (I don't know how to spell that word-I don't write it often) and my top love language is quality time. Now you know all about me! :)

I feel loved when...

The Five Love Languages

My Primary Love Language is Quality Time

My Detailed Results:
Quality Time: 11
Words of Affirmation: 8
Acts of Service: 6
Physical Touch: 4
Receiving Gifts: 1

About this quiz

Unhappiness in relationships is often due to the fact that we speak different love languages. It can be helpful to know what language you speak and what language those around you speak.

Tag 3 people so they can find out what their love language is.

Take the Quiz!
Check out the Book

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

the latest.

I'm sure those who keep up with this blog have been wondering what we have been up to.  I am very tired and so I will make this short.  The kids are in bed and it is my turn to sleep.  Hooray!

On Tuesday I went with my friend Tara to the Outlet malls in Tennessee.  That was fun!  I left BOTH kids at home.  Drew is on vacation technically for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so he stayed home with the kids.  Asa did great with just a bottle and held it all by himself.  I have learned that babies don't need practice to learn how to use a bottle, just give them some time and they will get the hang of it.  Asa had only had about 4 bottles before Tuesday.  Tara and I spent about 11 hours was a fun girls trip in her convertible.

Today Drew went to breakfast with a friend of his and the kids and I stayed at home and played and worked.  When Drew got home I went to volunteer at this awesome HUGE kids consignment sale.  Today was drop off day so I helped with receiving and organizing.  Tomorrow is the waited for day...only twice a year does the Wee Trade sale happen!!  I get to go to the pre-sale tomorrow and I am so excited!  Then, this evening we went to our small stuff!

We also want to go swimming as a family tomorrow so I hope we get to do that!  Well, that's all for now.  I am exhausted from the day.  So You Think You Can Dance finally is tomorrow-woohoo!  

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