Wednesday, February 18, 2009

spas rock.

Last week I took mom to the Grove Park Inn spa here is Asheville for her birthday.  It was the most AMAZING experience ever!!!  We had an all day pass so we got to lounge in the lounge with free food and drinks and a fire.  We could also use all of the pools, saunas and hot tubs all day.  Oh, and they have music playing under water for when you swim.  It was so so so much fun!  I never thought I could spend a whole day in the water but the day went by too fast!  We were there 9 hours basking in the waterfalls, sitting by the fires in our robes they give you and inhaling eucalyptus and spearmint in the 140 degree inhalation room.  I think that is what heaven will be like!  We got to talk and just enjoy each others company and RELAX!  (Dad and Dru only called about 5 times while we were gone to see when we were coming back!  They really didn't think we could spend that long there.)

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