Thursday, May 7, 2009

(over due.) quinn's 3rd birthday.

Here are some over due PICTURES!!!!!

Quinn's 3rd Birthday Party...November 21, 2009

Quinn has a friend named Piper who turned 2 at the same time so we did a joint birthday party.  Yes, we even set up a Princess castle in Piper's house!  The kids had a blast!!!
Quinn with her organic was so yummy...really!!!!
The night of Quinn's birthday we celebrated with myself, Dru, Asa and Adam (Alicia was out with a friend)...these are her gifts from family that we saved so we could have our own little party with her!
On Quinn's actual birthday we had a baby sitter come over to watch Asa and Adam and I took Quinn out for a girls day out.  She got to choose everything we did!  First, she wanted her friend Avenue to meet us at Starbucks for hot chocolate, then we went to the bookstore and she got to pick out some books.  It snowed on her birthday, she said, "God made it snow for ME!!!!"  

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