Monday, September 22, 2008

just life.

Here are some photos from our little point and shoot that have been itching to get on this blog.
This is Asa "drinking" Ma's Starbucks drink.  He was holding it so strong Ma could not take it away.  She was lauging histerically!
So, Quinn has to get glasses.  This is one of the shops we went into to look.  Dru was not with us so we took some pictures of Quinn's two favorite to show daddy.  Turns out we are not going to get either one of these frames.
These red ones are "Snow White" so she loved them.  They are too big though.
Quinn took this picture at DSS (Department of Social Services).  We were in the waiting room waiting for the kids to get out of their visitation.  Adam's mom bought those shoes for Asa.
This is our case manager and Dru waiting...Quinn took this too!


Matt, Megan, & Hallie said...

those are funny. i love it that quinn is a little photographer. AND glasses?! i can't wait to see her in them. she's so funny...

The Clark Window said...

Ohhhh.. how I miss you and your family!!! I love all these photos- and I am so proud of you and your run :)

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