Saturday, September 20, 2008

photos from the last week.

Quinn's Tot Trot...they are backwards in sequence.  Woops!  

Above is Quinn at the finish line, of corse staring at her daddy!
Quinn is in the STAR...

Above: This is a random photograph Dru took while we were at the park last Sunday.  Quinn LOVES to ride her trike.
Introducing Adam.  He is 11 months old here.  Such a cutie with a HUGE smile!
Quinn with her prize from the race...not sure what kind of animal it is!

And, introducing, Alicia..she is on the far left.  On the right is her friend who spent the night and "ran" the 5K with us.  Actually, she was complaining the entire time.  It was good for her.  :)

Quinn taking a photo of us after the race.
Dru had to get to the park to set up Starbucks for the race at 5AM so it was still dark outside.  
Dru, taking a break outside resting on our stairway.  I saw this and said, freeze!  I have to take a photograph of you!
Above: Dru said Quinn thought this was SOO funny.  She was laughing so hard and said, "I have to take a picture of this!"
There I go- above on the left.  They don't make stars big enough to put around me!
This little girl was a clogger and Quinn thought she was SO cool!  She was trying to get on her little stage (see the girl sitting on it) so she could dance!

Asa fell asleep like this in Dru's arms on the way to the car.
Quinn and Dru camping

Notice the popcorn on Quinn's baby's lap.

This last week has flown buy!  Above are some photographs from today, at the 5K run for autism.  The other photographs are from Dru and Quinn's camping trip in our back yard last Saturday.  I went on a women's retreat with our church and so Quinn and Dru got to spend some quality time together.  They stayed up late and slept in a tent in sleeping bags.  

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