Saturday, February 28, 2009

alicia and adam.

I have not been in too big of a hurry to post this on here because I feel like everyone probably knows whats going on with us through Facebook or word of mouth but...

Alicia and I sat in the courtroom on Wednesday to listen to a very nerve wracking decision.  My stomach was in knots and I felt so sick.  I was praying they would both get to go to their grandmas house.  Alicia told me the night before that she was having second thoughts and that she really wanted to stay with us-but it was not up to her at this point-it was now up to the judge.  She told me we were the only real family she has ever had.  Awww...

Anyway, the judge said they could both go home so that afternoon I took Adam to grandmas trailer and hung out with Quinn, Asa, Adam and Alicia (and a million of their family members) for about 3 hours.  It was hard saying bye to Adam.  He wanted to go with me and I can only image what is going through that little boys head.  

Alicia begged her grandma to let her spend the night at our house for one more night, so she did.  We had a good time together for our last night and the next day after school her grandma came to our house to pick her up.  Good-byes were sad but we are getting through.  Its nice to have more time and Asa is now in his own bedroom.  He has slept in our closet for 11 months!!  And I am glad to have my closet back!!!!  

OK, I have to go.  I need to save Quinns body from her destruction to her face.  She has marker alllllll over her face!!!

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The Clark Window said...

I am so proud of you guys for following God's calling for your family, and taking in these two precious children!! You have made a difference in their life!! And God will bless you and them

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